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What is science and what role does it play in our everyday life? In today's blog, we consider the importance of scientific approach and research in shaping the world around us and creating a better future.

Science is not just a series of dry formulas and laboratory experiments; it is a universal language that makes it possible to understand the world and find answers to the biggest challenges we face. Through objectivity, systematic inquiry and critical thinking, science enables us to discover the patterns that shape our world, driving technological progress, medical innovation and sustainable practices for the future.

It was in this context that Professor Sandra Kraljević Pavelić, in cooperation with the Verlab Institute, contributed to the Karike blog by sharing her professional knowledge and experience. Her contributions helped spread scientific culture and encourage dialogue about the importance of science in society.

Through transparency, openness to discussion and impartiality in public communication, we strive to create an environment where scientific knowledge becomes accessible and useful for everyone. Only through joint efforts can we build a better future for us and our planet.

Continue to follow the Karike blog to discover more about science, research and the path to progress. Your curiosity and support are key to creating a world where knowledge drives change and shapes our future.

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