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The Cyber Security Excellence Center (CSEC) in cooperation with its partners is pleased to invite you to the upcoming Security Excellence Hackathon dedicated to cyber security and ethical hacking, which will take place on 24th and 25th February 2024.

This event aims to bring together students, professionals and enthusiasts who are interested in the field of cyber security and ethical hacking. As part of CSEC activities, this event will be implemented with the support of the UK Government.

The hackathon will last two days and will consist of two segments: competitive and educational.

Competitive segment:
● Capture the Flag (CTF): A competition to solve security challenges, exploit vulnerabilities and find flags hidden within simulated network environments.
● Hack the Box (HTB): Participants will face a series of intentionally vulnerable systems, demonstrating their penetration testing and vulnerability detection skills.
● Security by Design Challenge: Teams will design and build a secure application or system from scratch, applying best practices in security architecture, coding and threat modeling.

Educational segment:
● Workshops, lectures and panels on "Security by Design." This approach to developing digital products and services emphasizes a proactive, security-focused approach that requires strategic alignment of the organisation's cybersecurity goals.
● Lecture and panel on "Empowering Women in Cyber Security: Overcoming Obstacles and Shaping the Future". These lectures aim to explore the challenges and opportunities facing women in the field of cyber security. The importance of gender diversity in cyber security will be analysed in depth.

Application conditions
●If you are over 18 years old
●You are interested in cyber security
●You want to prove your knowledge and skills

This is your chance! SIGN UP!
More information about the objectives and prizes for the winning teams in the document.


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