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Employees of the Verlab Institute participated in the "Supercomputing info day!" event that brought together experts in the field of high-performance computing (HPC) from national centers for computing in Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Montenegro and Cyprus. This online session was an exceptional opportunity to connect companies from different countries and industries and share experiences on using HPC infrastructure to improve products and services, optimize business processes and increase industry competitiveness.

Considering that HPC refers to the use of extremely powerful computers to process large amounts of data and complex computer simulations, this sector plays a key role in various fields, including scientific research, medical simulations, engineering, meteorology and other scientific disciplines.

The integration of HPC into structural analysis at the Slovenian company AFormX has resulted in rapid iterations of the finite element method, optimized aerostructures, and reduced risk in the design process, improving competitiveness in the aviation industry. Montenegrin company Fleka is successfully applying supercomputer/AI technologies to optimize its daily business operations, such as keeping a bank account and categorizing expenses. The company Gradyent from Montenegro provides a digital platform that enables optimization of heating systems, decarbonization and transformation, helping users face climate challenges, reduce CO2 emissions, achieve savings on operating costs, and make smarter business decisions. The investment of the Hyperion company from Cyprus in the software framework has resulted in effective management of projects and consulting engagements. The Spanish company Frontwave, using HPC, provides software as a medical device to generate high-quality, high-resolution 3D ultrasound images of the breast, improving diagnostics and enabling precise monitoring of tumor progression through multi-year imaging without limitations.

Verlab Institute supported this event, recognizing the importance of supercomputing capabilities to improve business and drive innovation. Our employees followed with great interest the inspiring examples of using supercomputer resources and success cases presented during the session. This event provided insight into the concrete benefits that companies can realize through the use of supercomputing resources and services provided by national computing centers.
Through the presented examples, our employees gained a deeper understanding of the possibilities of optimizing business processes, accelerating research and development, and improving production cycles. This type of collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to building bridges between different sectors and contributes to creating an innovative and competitive business environment.


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