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In February, the implementation of the project NANO-THINK began, which is financed as part of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange program. This initiative, bringing together partners from Western Balkan countries and Austria, aims to transform the way learning is approached in the field of science.

Science has shaped and continues to shape our world today, constituting a lasting, dynamic process reflected in the changes we witness every day. As humanity has clearly evolved into a knowledge society, science becomes crucial in contributing to knowledge production in new challenging circumstances. Science has brought us to a level of interaction between the world and society, shaping our lives and the entire biosphere of the Earth.

The NANO-THINK project is dedicated to developing a specialized learning program that actively encourages the development of critical thinking in scientific disciplines. By utilizing distance learning technology and the concept of nano-learning, this project aims to provide students with an efficient and unique learning experience.

Critical thinking in science means the ability to distinguish facts from assumptions, analyzing data without bias, and asking questions that lead to deeper understanding. Through critical thinking, scientists make discoveries that change our perspective on the world. Therefore, critical thinking represents the foundation upon which the entire scientific method is built. Without the ability to think critically, scientific progress would be significantly limited, and our ability to solve problems, innovate, and build a sustainable future would be diminished.

The project is implemented in partnership involving the following institutions: the Faculty of Health Studies from Rijeka (Croatia), which is also the project coordinator, the Nikola Tesla Institute from Belgrade (Serbia), the University of Donja Gorica (Montenegro), the Medical Faculty from Graz (Austria), the International Burch University (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Verlab Institute (Bosnia and Herzegovina), B-Solutions (Montenegro), and the International Academy of Science and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The program will be developed with the long-term goal of achieving appropriate ECTS accreditation in accordance with the rigorous quality standards of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

"Throughout the project, the NANO-THINK team will closely collaborate with institutions involved in the development and improvement of the program and select the best experts from partner institutions capable of achieving the desired results, ensuring compliance with their academic standards and meeting the needs of students," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Jovanović.

The realization of this project in the field of scientific research activities and critical thinking represents a step forward towards innovations that will shape our future and provide a foundation for the development of a society that values knowledge, understanding, and progress.


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